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Giving you a broader perspective about our multi-dimensional, cross-functional Video platform getting sharper, stronger and smarter, here are a few cuts we had received from the journalists and editors of various Press and Media.

"As the credits roll, you might just have a job"

Video resumes are fast becoming the in-thing in the job market. They not only help aspirants showcase their abilities efficiently, but also enable employers to screen more candidates in a shorter period and evaluate them better.

THE HINDU, 29.10.2015

"Video resumes can benefit both jobseekers and companies"

HR Professionals say video resumes could help gauge skills for jobs that require communication intensive roles.

TIMES OF INDIA, 16.10.2015

"Make video resume land a hot job & hot bucks"

Video resumes not only show the candidates educational qualification but also give a sneak peak into their personality.

TIMES OF INDIA, 16.10.2015

"Have You Heard of Video Resumes??"

Resumes being the Personal Details needed for Job seekers! Currently, Recruiting Companies have started utilizing Video Resumes for hiring purposes.


"Do You Want a Job…Provide a Video Resume!"

Video Resumes currently used by Job Seekers abroad are now gaining importance in India as well ! 3025 students of Annamalai University created Video Resumes in a single day and made a World Record!

VIKATAN ONLINE, 07.11.2015

"Video Resume!"

Till now Paper Resumes spoke about your skill capabilities, hereafter you could speak directly about your skills through Video Resumes!


"Video Bio-Data for Job Opportunity!"

Kannan Sankaran, CEO C2C Management Consultants Pvt Ltd says “Seeking a Job is a Challenge, Applying for a Job is another challenge…Video Resume is a unique technology that reduces the job-interview pre-screening process.